2016-01-29_150112Have you been planning for YouTube business video marketing this New Year? No matter what budget you have, with a few easy tips and an online video editor you would now be able to create an impressive video marketing that your customers would definitely love. Below here are the 6 Major YouTube business video solutions tips you need to know about this 2016.

Building loyalty by helping your audience through YouTube videos: Each and every year you need to consider watching videos that would help you solve the problem of your clients and customers. Tell your customers what questions they might have in the future and how the solution would help you overcome your problems. Give away some of the best content to your clients and customers for free, as this would help you get more customers at a great ease.

Having humor in your business videos: Have you ever wondered why the funny video’s on YouTube earn so many hits in a smaller period of time. The only reason behind this is that people love humor. We all like a good laugh and there are several YouTube channels out there that had a huge success by injecting humor into their business videos. You do not have to make their audience fall on their backs laughing aloud but just flashing a little sense of humor will do the trick.

Having a great description: Your descriptions on YouTube should be short, informative and something that multipurpose. Have your business video described in a sentence or a two using the top keywords including a small link on your website or blog for people who would want to know more about the business you have been dealing with.

Having engaging titles: When it comes to YouTube marketing this is perhaps one of the most important thing you would here need to keep in mind. Do make sure you have some relevant keywords involved in the video so that your viewer would here know what to see and expect in your business video. The general rule of thumb is to keep things clear and concise since the titles would be truncated in the YouTube search results. Another major thing is to refrain in from using misleading titles that would trick the other individuals from watching the business video. Not only would the viewers hit the close button but would also have a negative impact on your business video ranking.

Promoting your business videos: YouTube business videos would here have a higher chance of ranking well in google. There are so many different ways you could use in order to promote your business videos to your specific target audience. Using relevant keywords and descriptions would help you gain enough traffic and exposure for your business videos. YouTube is one of the best ways of generating traffic and interacting with your clients and customers online. But do keep in mind no matter how great your business videos are they could never be seen if they are not promoted in a right and a proper manner.

So how has your business been using YouTube to market their products and services? Do you have a YouTube channel for their business? Do leave your comments below.

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